JOHN RADFORD b. 1965 Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Within my work I often express change within my surrounds.

My work is held in private and public collections both in New Zealand and internationally.


Developments on significant exhibitions, commissions and projects 

2022 ….



Further work on GRAFT® touring infrastructure.

Studio pack-down and located in storage for remainder of the Covid pandemic.


Develop the GRAFT® touring infrastructure and.


Work on the GRAFT® exhibition infrastructure.


Configuring the 256 GRAFT® bay villas ready for installation.


Completion of all 256 GRAFT® bay villas.


Start of work on the 36 houses of GRAFT® Phase Four.


Work on the infrastructure for the GRAFT® project.


Phase Three of GRAFT® was completed with 220 of the 256 house being cast, fettled, painted and fitted with installation threads.

Installation of Phases 1 – 3 was undertaken at the Old Folks Association Hall in Auckland.

The 4th Street Party was held there on Sept 29th and 30th and the bay villa house owners attended.



Phase Two of GRAFT® completed. Third Street Party was held in Ironbank with panel discussion,  22nd October.

GRAFT® Phase three is  underway.



Co starred in ‘Oracle Drive’, feature film by Gabriel White. https://vimeo.com/106091459
‘Occupying a territory somewhere between ironic essay film and reverie, Oracle Drive roves the well-mown desolation of the North Shore’s light-industrial urban fringe.’

Phase Two of the  installation is almost completed. Full trademark registration for the Graft name is finalized.

February. Performed as part Josh Rutter’s ‘Dance Like a Butterfly Dreamboy’ choreography on top of Auckland’s Aotea centre  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AutO22HlBM4




Phase One of the GRAFT® installation is completed.

2nd street party held at Ironbank Karangahape Road.www.graft.net.nz

In March 2011 I collaborated in the free improv performance piece with Ivan Mrsic, Jeff Henderson and James McCarthy for et al in the trans-cryption work at Michael Lett Gallery



Sinton Windows sculpture completed, installed on site in Whenuapai for NZTA.

Conceptual development on GRAFT® project.

1st GRAFT® street party was held in Q Theatre construction site in Queen Street on 27/10/10. see https://graft.net.nz/news-and-events/for coverage of event.


Initial conceptualizing of the GRAFT® project.

Design of the Orange and Light Stampede installations.



Slump appears in NZ Onshore group exhibition

Lux Flux installation commission completed at Britomart, Auckland central.

Sinton Road commission for Transit detailed design stage engaged

Member of avante guard object/music group Le Papiere Quartet

Design process on new commission to commemorate New Lynn Hotel started for Waitakere City.



In the Night Kitchen won the Best Short Documentary prize in the NZ Documentary Awards!

The 20 minute documentary showed the 2006 Transplastic Bucket Fountain project that was a feature event the 2006 International Festival of the Arts Wellington.

A Charming City on May Day featured in a solo exhibition at The Gus Fisher Gallery.

The This Other City public installation artwork featured in multiple sites around Auckland central. See this link https://johnradford.co.nz/video/

The Sound of Rain Dominion Centenary commemoration bronze sculpture commissioned created and installed in Potters Park Dominion Road Auckland.

Thanks A Lot Icarus exhibition at Whitespace Gallery Auckland.

Lux Flux light and shadow installation concept designed and commissioned for Britomart precinct in Auckland.





The Wellington 2006 International Festival of the Arts saw a team of 30 people use 4800 kgs of clay to  Transplasticize the Bucket Fountain.  There was massive public interaction with the installation and coverage of the event appeared on both TV One and TV Three news.

The Transplasticizer Product Launch and Trans-static exhibition occurred at Mark Hutchins Gallery in Wellington with sales of ltd edition canned Transplasticizer.

Transtatic exhibition at Mark Hutchins Gallery


Design and development of the Interpreter Sculpture for Panmure.

Development of the Transtatic works series.

Prep and arrange funding for The Cuba Mall Bucket Fountain Transplasticism

Started on Central Otago project

Held Transplastic Building installation in Vulcan Lane, central Auckland.
Guest lectures at Educol. 

Progress on Te Hapua Bay Project. 

Transplastic Motorbike installation at the Jeweller’s Gallery in Mount Eden.

Wallace awards entry 

Contracted as one of two project artists on the Panmure Design Concept Committee.
Completed collaborative design process for public kinetic wind sculpture with Yuk King Tan for placement in Panmure town centre.
Undertook major public Transplastic Automobiles project in the AK03 festival Sept – Oct.
Produced C.D. rom of the 
Transplastic Automobiles project.
Started sketch concept phase for a permanent outdoor sculptural installation at Te Hapua Bay on Lake Taupo. 

Undertook five week research trip to Italy studying contemporary and historic art, architecture and streetscapes. 
Built public sculpture Cube Rolling in London, installed work on site in Nottingham. 

Undertook two month public artwork/streetscape research project in Paris involving video and photographic documentation.

Produced site specific multi media work in 
World Service– a 40 artist group installation in Abbey park cemetery in North London in conjunction with the brilliant art event group Rotozaza .
Continued development on Transplastic concept. 

Started negotiations & submitted designs for a public outdoor sculpture commission In Nottingham. 

Produced 3 minute edit C.D. rom of my public works 

Solo exhibition at Crucial Traders, TIP the Bronze Works and others. 

Finalist in Viaduct Basin sculpture commissions. 

Artist’s Alliance committee member. 

September departed on Europe research trip. 

Research and documentation of significant contemporary and historic artwork and architecture in Holland and Britain. 

Started work on Transplastic concept. 

Completed and installed Teatube, the complex interior for VIC, sculpture one of the three TIP sculptures. 

Started preparation of bronze edition of TIP macquettes.

Completed construction of TIP sculptures in Western Park on Ponsonby Road Auckland.
Continued videoing all progress, edited this to a 10 minute video with soundtrack. 

Designed and managed major public multi media opening for the TIP works on 3rd December. 

Designed the three TIP works for Western Park Ponsonby.
Completed placement negotiations with council re siting of the TIP works.
1 private commission.
Guest lecturer at Unitec. 

Trip to Christchurch and Lyttelton to study cityscapes 

Completed Lanechange public artwork Mills Lane of Durham Street west central Auckland (first Public sculpture commission). 

Two private commissions. 

Guest lecturer at Unitec. 


Solo exhibition Shatter Series at City Workshop studios Auckland.
Started negotiations and designs for Durham Lane.
Completed Layer Plate, a large palimpsest painting in Mills Lane central Auckland.
2 private commissions.


Solo exhibition Fragment at Solla Sollew Mount Eden.
Two private commissions.


Solo exhibition 191 in 91 
at Warwick Brown Gallery.
Four private commissions


Group show Wellington Academy of Art. 4 private commissions.
Built topographical relief work of Auckland city.



Undertook research/documentation of streetscapes and stone architecture in Oamaru, Christchurch and Dunedin.
Completed two private commissions.
Built a studio.
Art history 1840 to the modern day” paper at Auckland University.



Group show Mind’s Eye A.S.A.
Solo exhibition Under The Hammer at A.S.A.
Semi finalist in A.G.C. young achievers awards.
Group show Artist’s Collusion at Pembridge, Auckland.
Tutored students in 3-D geometrical exploration at A.S.A.
Solo exhibition Flot at Sheraton in conjunction with The International Barrister’s Association Conference.



Winner of President’s Award Auckland Society of Art (A.S.A.).
Group show at Gallery Pacific. 


1982 – 1986

Studied and photographed the changes to Auckland’s built and natural environment.