The sculptural installation in Western Park on Ponsonby Road is called TIP.

75 megapascal stainless steel fibre reinforced concrete.
Lost wax bronze cast adornments
Ceramic implants

The three sculptures that collectively form the installation are…

VIC, sited right beside the corner of Ponsonby Road and Hepburn Street,

E & F, sited in Western Park beside Ponsonby Road,

DOO, sited furthest from the road, on the brink of the Western Park Valley.
Both VIC and E & F have complex interiors that are viewable through portals set into each of the side of each work.

VIC’s Interior is titled TEATUBE and is viewable through a 35 mm circular window set into the side of the sculpture. It is illuminated and viewable 24 hours every day.

E & F’s Interior is titled HOUSE and is best viewed during the day by lying on the grass at the Hopetown Street end of the work and looking up under the over hang area of the sculpture.
” The TIP works refer to a loss of our past via the wholesale demolition of parts of Auckland City. Dumped in countless nameless landfills, maybe these multiple architectural dismemberments have undergone a subterranean reassembly and are about to lurch back up out of the ground ” – John Radford Discussion at AUT 2005.